Sunday, 8 December 2013

Onto Texturing!

Needed a break from the skinning process. I have yet to sort out the skirt, but also the bunches. bt I feel I may need back up in order to figure out how to achieve this. In the meantime however, seeing as Lucy is UV mapped, I jumped straight in and Textured her.

Adding just the freckles,  made Lucy look a little pasty so I decided to tint her cheeks slightly and give her a little more colour despite the fact she's supposed to be a cartoon character.


So finally after working my way down the body. I got to the eyes and I decided not to UV map the eyes. And that shaders were better. However the only issue highlighted is that those eyes are not quite centred...

 However I'm chuffed with how the eyelids look having changed a few of the faces.

Now for the rigging. I'm hoping I'll be able to fix the eyes here… and also get those joints done for the skirt and bunches. In any case. She's well on her way.

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