Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lucy's getting the UV treatment...

I have just spent the last two days plastering Lucy with the brightly coloured UV maps. And after some interesting and frustrating sessions of unfolding items like hair and socks she's finally completed.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Finishing Lucy

Here are the final stages of creating our character. Theres a lot here because its an amalgamation of several sessions of modelling!
I wound up creating legs that went up to the waist ready for connecting to the waistband of the skirt for later rigging.

Then came the shoes. They were quite sweet if a little blocky.

 Unfortunately creating the arms I forgot to record my progress but they didn't take that long to model despite missing an orthographic angle. I managed to guestimate using the tutorials

 Creating the hands were slightly long winded what with the example being followed only being four fingered while Lucy was designed to be five fingered. 

 It was about here I suddenly remembered her hands were the wrong way up and did go back and turn them 180 to make sure she didn't look broken.

Finishing off the head here. Had to recreate the eyes, make the hair and eyebrows.

 The hair was completely ad hoc. I had to guestimate a lot!

 The body and head were connected

 And finally we have Lucy!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Further modelling on Lucy

I completely forgot to blog the progression of Lucy's head! So here is the run down of her creation so far. here have bee a few issues in creating her head. What with having a teeny neck it did much up the geometry a little bit. Also i believe the eye might still be a headache to create and fit together. But there is a plan!

Here is the initial blocking out phase

 Then I began to model the nose, the lips (only a little) and the ears. the ears opened up a can of worms in that the shape of this head in particular meant geometry was a little out of whack, but with Alan's help (and a few friends helping me to sort out triangles) it all came out well in the end.

 Here I've gotten into creating the throat. Although  our character doesn't actually speak her expressions may lead to her opening her mouth.

Next on the agenda are creating the eyes and the hair for the character. I expect the hair to be quite a challenge!