Friday, 1 November 2013

Further Character development- the girl is taking shape

So with the initial sketches I pulled out some of my personal favourite features from both mine and Meg's Sketches which you can see in the kind of influence map below. Although I've made it clearer on the map which parts were the 'Hero' parts so to speak there was a little bit of experimentation with various heads on a body creating our first sort of character line-up.

These little girls were created back to front, D was invented first followed by C and so forth. But it would appear we inadvertently saved the best till last. Design A we agreed is our favourite. She is the most adorable design we have so far and with any luck her cuteness will serve to make her story all the more heart wrenching when the animation is completed. The next step is to test out her various outfits and colour them. Meg designed a few outfits previously and those will be trialed on the body. We will also be getting into the nitty-gritty of colour and textures in the style of our fifties cartoon art influences. 

To kick start a colour palette, Meg showed me a novel way to find the sorts of colours we were after. Taking the bright colour tones from our fifties kitchen influence map images, we then used a filter in photoshop called 'crystallise', which took out all the details and left us with this broken mishmash of the colours. These will be used to colour the girls fantasy home life of her imagination. The same filter was applied to a series of darkened post apocalypse images from the game 'Fallout 3' for the subdued colours we wanted for the little girls bunker reality. 

Having found some colour palettes and a general look for our character I went on to combine the two and created the initial test runs below. I also took the opportunity to correct the figure and add a few extra features such as frilly socks. She's looking pretty cute!