Friday, 8 November 2013

Modelling Lucy

So with the general look of our main character (now named Lucy) established I got started on the model making within Maya. I immediately ran into a hurdle with the head in how to create the eyes for this character. Despite our simultaneous tutorials with Alan covering modelling a head, the eye shapes are nothing like you're average eyeball. Needing back up I decided to drop the head and move to the body and block the majority of that out instead. I think its going quite well so far...

For a first attempt with the geometry mirrored it didn't look all that bad! But theres a long way to go yet.

Creating the sleeve puff but was really quite easy (I wasn't entirely sure how it might go) But trying to do the collar however wound up being a bit of a mind bender... not wanting to mess up normals and things. i' still not sure if its correct or not. It looks ok for now at least.

This is the end point after two sessions of modelling the body. I thought I would try and add to the detail creating a clear place for the buttons to sit. Its not so bad thus far. My next stop is to create the buttons to sit on the front and then get into creating the arms and legs.

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  1. Hi Emily

    You need to add a couple of extra edge loops between the chest and waist.