Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Animatic Development.

In preparation for the pitch I got to working on the animatic for our story, developing the scenes visuals from the script and implementing a little artistic license where the script was vague. I discovered however there was a rather large hole in our script on the key scene. That being the third act. Trying to express the space as a bunker without quite literally sticking a sign to the wall proved to be quite difficult and for the purposes of finishing the animatic I simply implemented a corrugated ceiling and the presence of a fifties radio which wasn't really enough. The animatic below is the silent first version.

After a talk with Alan and with our third scene being flagged as 'not-quite-right-yet' Alan suggested that we needed more paraphernalia belonging to the family scattered about the bunker. Maybe self help guides or magazines, instruction leaflets and the like.The cans of food and jugs of water, crates of things and items such as gas masks and blankets will help to hammer home the situation. Also to try and communicate this better a change in the camera angles used in that scene would really aid our animation.

I decided to do a little more research into bunker interiors and found the very helpful videos linked here. The video's show an interview and exploration of an almost untouched 1950's bunker in Michigan USA, Complete with survival kits. This video really gave a sense as the the size of the space and how everything worked.

Now we are going to reassemble another animatic this time with incorporated sound design.


  1. I really like the idea and in my opinion is understandable : )

  2. great to see this, Grumpy Mooses (sounds rather insulting!). And yes - you just need to describe the bunker more - and why not include a master shot of the interior when we see the girl playing? It would be a quick simple way of giving us what we need.