Sunday, 13 October 2013

Round we go again- New influences for new ideas!

So another conversation with Phil and ideas have bee rejigged once again. The car idea just had no Story content, no feeling to it what so ever. So Phil took me back to basics. Start off with a three Act Structure and two inspiring video's that incorporate this are these two. 'Kiwi!' and StoryCorps 'She Was the One'

Both video's story structure resonate well with the theme of duality. A theme which is also present during the atomic age The fifties was a time of optimism and fear. Man was getting back on its feet following the world wars, but finding new ways to destroy itself simultaneously with Atomic weapons. So while the Kiwi makes its first flight, we suddenly realise how it ends tragically as the Kiwi falls to its doom. As for the Storycorp episode, the voice over provides a similar three act structure, the interview sets the scene of life before 9/11 to the events as they unfolded and finally the conclusion.

This three act structure- where the audience simply absorb the happenings of the first two acts before getting clonked over the head with a twist- is a sequence that just works. It was a structure Meg and I had tried before with the early storyboarded idea of the airliner turning out to be a bomber carrying the H-Bomb. But now with the concept of three acts revitalised I went about coming up with some new ideas...

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