Friday, 11 October 2013

The Car of the Future! - Another idea...

So we went into a tutorial with not much. A few ideas that we didn't really have our heart and soul in and walked away with a new idea courtesy of Alan.

If there is one commodity that shows its age, it is the car. Cars from every era have their traits linking them to their time period. The fifties was a time of optimism and looking towards the stars and new technologies. Combining a car and new gadgets could easily become an animation of escalation as gadgets fail in spectacular fashion and such like.

With this idea in mind and also old cartoons such as 'Wacky Races' and then being inspired by a series of links given to us by Alan about 'Cars of the future' Meg and I engineered a new idea.

Wacky Races

'A crash test dummy could suffer horrifically at the tests on a new space age car. Eventually the recent invention of the seat belt can save him from the mishaps of the malevolent car.'

The idea was that this car could have jets for acceleration, wings for flight, Ejector seats possibly and even legs for covering all terrain. With each of these features would be another way for the crash test dummy to come to a nasty end. With high speed acceleration comes a high speed stop. Therefore a crash test dummy could easily fly through the windscreen. Flying in an open topped car when you're not strapped in won't end well and ejector seats... there is definite comedy value to be had.

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