Sunday, 6 October 2013

Initial Idea

Our first solid idea (after many, many nonfunctional ones) was to look at the dichotomy inherent in the Cold War era - the dichotomy of hope and fear, of grand opportunities and ever-looming danger. With the success of the Manhattan Project, the world was looking at a new age of prosperity ushered in by nuclear power. The USA in particular was already booming from the Second World War, and the overall standard of living there was on the rise. This was evidenced in the ever-increasing amount of travel, including international travel by aeroplane. It was this that caught our interest, and we wanted to look at the slight irony of how wartime advances in aeronautics had benefitted civilian life, and the dark purpose those vehicles still carried out even after the war was over.

Initial Unscripted Storyboard (Note: Reads top-to-bottom, left-to-right)

The intention (which is a little hard to read, especially as I never got around to finishing this) was to depict a plane passing over a tropical island, and all the opulent holidaymakers that entails. It would then pass towards a series of coral islands, and the camera would 'detach' from the plane to reveal that it was a B-29 Supercarrier bomber, dropping the first atomic bomb on Bikini Atoll.

We scrapped this idea as it was lacking in any actual story content, and its commentary wasn't entirely clear.

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