Monday, 14 October 2013

Idea 4- Dolls in the Dark

Previously Meg and I here at Grumpy Moose had decided to try and run with the following idea for our Atomic era inspired animation.

'A day in the life of a dolly housewife. The husband is waved off to work with his lunch. The daughter helps out cleaning the house and making apple pie. The dolls world flickers away to reveal the reality. A little girl sits utterly alone in a bomb shelter playing with the dolls. Over the sounds of a radio playing music, the room shakes with what sounds like a bomb impacting.'

In our brainstorming session over the idea and how it would work I drew up a storyboard, which in the space of a few hours completely evolved again. However all the same we wanted to record its progress. In the images below, the main figure is the housewife doll until reality is exposed and the dolls world is seen to be the little girls fantasy.

The storyboard changed as we realised this was the fantasy of a young girl who is now very alone in a bunker. And her fantasy would be as biased to her dreams as possible. Therefore it would make it more likely that the 'daughter' dolly character would be another version of herself. And like any small child would love to spend time with her mother, learning how to be a good housewife for her future husband.   So with this in mind we devised a script, building on this newly evolved idea.


  1. Hi Grumpy Moose(s) - that sounds terribly insulting - apologies! :)

    I might have missed it, but apart from 'INT BOMB SHELTER' there's nothing in your script to tell us that she's in a bomb shelter; will it be obvious from the interior alone that this is indeed a bomb shelter? The answer is probably yes, if you show stockpile of tins etc. but you might want to think about the inclusion of something utterly tell-tale that the camera takes in as part of the act 3 reveal.

    1. We do indeed have to figure out these tell-tale signs. We had a similar discussion with Alan about how we also make it clear a bomb has come down without making it too in-your-face obvious. A few kinks to be worked out yet! I'm hoping we can make things clearer with the visuals- but we need more research into the interiors of Bomb shelters.