Friday, 11 October 2013

So what else went on in the fifties...?- other idea's

Having done a fairly narrow search field into the atomic age I set about looking at what else happened during the fifties aside from the bomb tests and conflicts. There was a fair amount that went on, from the completely mundane to some fairly groundbreaking...
For example the discovery of DNA, NASA was formed, Disneyland opened, Peanuts comic strips were first published, Colour television was invented. Russia launched the first spacecraft Sputnik and later launched the first living creature (a dog named Laika) into space.

 This lists just a  few of many things to take pace during the fifties. I feel that this rather generic search may help us find an idea. Or possibly provide some features to give a little wow factor to our eventual idea.

For example, lego building bricks invented during that period could provide an interesting style when creating an animation.
Television is a clear indicator of era and so perhaps using a colour television, or creating an advertisement would be apt for the period.
Creature features and the like were popular during the fifties, so creating a sic-fi horror of our own , or something based on the 1950's novel 'Day of the Triffids' could be viable...

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