Monday, 7 October 2013

Thoughts Behind the Initial Idea

We began everything with a brainstorming session culminating in a filling of a couple of notebook pages. The first page being the various ideas that came from the tops of our heads, the second page is where we tried to narrow things down and make sure contact was no issue.The third was the point in which we began to ponder our studio identity! Here is the seedling that grew into our beloved Grumpy Moose!

As can be seen from the notes, our general idea was that the 'atomic era' was chock full of conflict and were generally dark times. We went onto do a little research into the subjects we plucked from the backs of our minds, disregarding anything out of our time frame and noting any interesting stories we discovered along the way.

We also investigated a couple of the art styles around at the time particularly poster artworks and propaganda.

It was this research and the poster artwork that led to the first idea we'd had. The aircraft over some tropical islands eventually flying over Bikini Atoll to drop the nuclear weapon. However as Meg quite rightly said the idea was scrapped for the lack of storytelling.

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