Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Fifties Failed Car- the Ford Edsel

Here is the initial script for our crazy Fifties car idea, detailing a crash test dummy's endurance of 'progress'

Having completed our first scripted effort and with a little more direction from both Phil and Alan, we were instructed to look at different types of cars. Maybe some of the worst models, to pick up on their failures and add them to the disastrous mix for our escalation animation idea. The failure car was the Ford Edsel.

Due to the strange complications between car manufacturers it would appear many of this model car reached the end of the production line unfinished and were even sent to dealerships missing parts. When it came down to popularity, a hype had been built up through various advertising methods, culminating in general disappointment and indifference towards the car when it was finally revealed to the public. As for physical faults or goofs there were not very many. Apparently the hood ornament had a tendency to fly off when the car reached 70mph and buttons on the steering wheel to change gears was a cumbersome edition to the car. In any case people tend to remember this car as an absolute failure and as a creative studio, Meg and I thought we could use that...

However throughout or scheming we were losing sight of the Atomic age and Phil quite rightly pointed out we should be incorporating the atom into our car. Make it nuclear powered. The fifties was a time when nuclear energy was considered a great thing, the future and progress. Plus there was potentially more material to work with. For example the car would glow in the dark due to the radiation...

There is plenty to be getting on with and time to flesh out a new script....

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  1. I'm reminded of 'The Homer' car from The Simpsons.