Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chosen Art Style

Meant to blog this a while ago but it dropped in the list of priorities. Here is the fifties cartoon style we have in mind for our world which will hopefully appear in the thumbnails as they are completed. Alll the images are scans taken from a book called the 'Cartoon Modern- Style and Design in fifties Animation'- written by Amid Amidi.

Its a wonderful style, simple, angular and fun. Evoking the slapstick humour of Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies, also the Flintstones. The look combining block shapes and colour with a smattering of texture.

The image below is our hero image. The second we spotted it we knew this was the style we wanted for the world of 'dolls in the dark'. There is a mass of potential to twist the reality visually so that the fantasy world of the little girl looks quite skewed. But also we can use colour palettes to differentiate between reality and fantasy. The below feels like the more subdued tones of our main characters reality.

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